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You do not need to search for answers to all these things by yourself; ITM is the kind of partner that helps you deal with the challenges in your particular business.  We have probably solved similar problems before, and practical experience makes a difference in the fish and meat processing industries.  ITM equipment is widely used for handling by-products from the fish and meat industries.

  • Fish and fish by-products
  • Fish silage
  • Fish hydrolyzed
  • Meat hydrolyzed
  • Poultry by-products
  • Blood.

Processing fish and animal raw material almost always involves heating to coagulate the protein and to release the fat/oil phase, and involves heating of all the liquid phases. The products to be heated contain varying amounts of solids as well as different particle sizes and viscosities, but must always be heated gently and efficiently.

The heating equipment needed to do this is available in many forms. The ITM range of heating equipment is based on indirect heating, using hot water or steam as the heating medium. All ITM heaters are available both as standalone equipment and as complete modules for pasteurization, sterilization and heat regeneration.


Tubular heat exchangers

ITM tubular heat exchangers are suitable for high viscosity products or products that contain many different kinds of particles and thus involve a high risk of fouling. The corrugated tube design creates turbulence within the product. This enhances heat transfer and ensures uniform treatment of the product. It also reduces fouling, resulting in longer intervals between cleaning.


Processing fish oil and fish protein

The ITM corrugated tube heat exchangers for high-grade fish oil and fish protein is a unique heater. The proteins produced from fresh fish are easily digested and have good biological values.


Processing MDM and pre-ground meat

For cooling mechanically deboned meat (MDM) and other pre-ground raw material, ITM supplies complete systems. This provides a continuous, integrated process in which the product is fed to a corrugated tube heat exchanger. This rapidly and evenly cools the raw material to near freezing point with only an absolute minimum of water crystals in the end product. The cooling medium flows in the jacket, with no contact with the product. This ensures a high heat transfer coefficient, no contamination and no air in-mix.


The monotube IT20 is a welded corrugated heat exchanger. We understand that hygienic equipment has to be  easily cleaned. It is preferable to have the possibility of inspecting the sanitary side, in our case, the inner tube.