About Us

Our mission

An European company formed by expertise engineers with more than

30 years working for this field, which guarantee reliability of our designs and supplies.

Our mission is to design and supply secure, reliable and innovative heat transfer equipment and systems, upon which the customers can rely to fulfill the market requirements.

Who we are

Our team is formed by a skilled number of qualified engineers, which liaises closely with its customers through the design, prototype and product introduction phases to ensure that every aspect of the process and specification is addressed.

ITM tools are In-house and last generation thermal design software, New product development using latest FEA and CFD design software, 3D Solid modeling and Flexible engineering. ASPENTECH & HTRI member and in-house software for thermal design.


Production – Stainless steel, titanium and nickel alloys, size below 10 tons

  • 2,000 sq meters to assembling and welding stainless steel corrugated tube heat exchangers.
  • 3 corrugation machines lower capability OD 10 mm, no length constrains.
  • Expanded tubes available
  • Qualified Orbital welding and welders
  • Larger scope of expanded nozzles. Welding design improvement.
  • 20 skilled workers formed under stainless culture and food industry/pharma Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).


Production- Large size and Carbon Steel

  • 15,000 sq meters for pressure vessels and heat exchangers.
  • Heavy equipment and huge size production.
  • Special alloys available as per duplex/superduplex, nickel alloys, high strength steels, copper-nickel and aluminum.
  • U Stamp (USA market)
  • Larger scope, i.e. finned tube air coolers.
  • Heat treatment furnace.
  • Aerospace and shipbuilding qualified suppliers.
  • Qualified Orbital welding and Submerged Arc qualified welding.
  • 100 skilled workers formed under heavy equipment production.