In the pharmaceutical industry, the manufacture can have a very high dependency on the purity of the intermediate and final products. Special requirements are to be considered here with regard to the extremely high operational security of all components of a manufacturing plant. Operational experience gained over past decades has resulted in application-oriented developments as corrugated tube heat exchangers.

Several grades of water are used in pharmaceutical plants. The pharmaceutical industry utilizes six grades of water. The most widely used grades — purified water (PW) and water for injection (WFI) — are used for compounding, cleaning, and as ingredients for production of the remaining four grades of water used in making bulk pharmaceutical chemicals (BPC). The entire process must meet sanitary standards. Clean in Place systems ensure that no cross-contamination occurs between batches.


Depending on product properties, selection of geometry is considered to be tube-in-tube, or multitube. The Multitube ITMf is a welded corrugated heat exchanger with Double-Tube-Sheet design. We understand that aseptic equipment must not have the possibility to reinfection by design (DTS) and aseptic connection (Tri-clamp). It is preferable to have the possibility of inspecting the sanitary side, in our case, the inner tubes. That is to say, all the tubes are easily inspectable.



Products included in a large range of viscosity, liquids with small particles for applications in the pharmaceutical industry in process such as: Injection close water loops, enzymatic degradation processing, high pressure/ temperature treatments or fouling, Temperature control, Generation of pure vapour, Energy recovery, Condensations and environmental control, Special treatment for the biotechnological industry.

Important Features


  • Hygienic design; no place for micro-organism allocation because there are no areas where the flow is stagnant (cavities) or not flushed by the flowing product.
  • Double tube-plate to avoid cross contamination between the sterile process side and the service media.
  • Low surface roughness: Ra < 0,40 microns or lower depending on surface finish (plug drawn, bright finish, electro polish, etc.) Superb finish and very low levels of ferrite.
  • The tube side is completely drainable.
  • Construction with seamless or welded tubes in different stainless steels (SS-316L, 1.4404, 1.4435, SS-316 and others.
  • Double steam barriers available when demountable versions (heat regenerators) and leak detectors.
  • Thermal degradation is avoided as products are heated in very fast and homogeneous way for the enhanced heat transfer in corrugated tubes.
  • Low volumes of the product are being processed at every moment as the exchangers in corrugated tube have smaller volume its equivalent in plain tube.
  • Modular design so it can be adapted to new production capacities modifying the number of heat exchangers modules, and compact.
  • Special design available for high pressures and temperatures
  • Easy to inspect.