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Consumer demand for high-quality food products increase rapidly, particularly when it concerns natural properties, flavor, taste, appearance and texture. In order to meet these demands, food producers must respond in their treatment of raw products and stay abreast of the latest process technology for a fast, homogeneous, aseptic treatment of their products. Especially for fruit and vegetables, dairy products, soups, purees, puddings, particulate and other products where quality requirements are paramount.

Cold filling in aseptic processes enable food manufacturers to supply products of maximum quality and it also reduced packaging costs. This kind of processing resulted in new methods of thermal treatment in which our ITM Corrugated tubular heat exchangers are used.

To keep profitability, versatile heat transfer systems are integrated in processes, which allows the processing of different products with the same installation, e.d. single string juices, cellar juices and fruit pulps. In addition to this multi-purpose functionality, ITM Corrugated tubular heat exchangers allow longer running times due to their self-cleaning effect during production and the excellent CIP results inherent to the design.

Corrugation causes sufficient product turbulence to improve mixing, giving a faster and homogeneous heat transfer. The product remains more natural and experiences less thermal degradation.



Depending on product properties, selection of geometry is considered to be tube-in-tube IT20, triple tube IT40, multitube in different configurations as flanged ITMb or welded ITMw.



Low and medium viscosity.  Particulate liquids for food and beverage applications such as  UHT treatment and pasteurisation, High pressure/ temperature process or fouling, Energy recovery product-product or water-product, Food processing in general.  Milk concentrate and dairy product in general, Baby food, Butter, Purees, Ice cream, Pulp,  Energy drinks, Juices, Fruit puree, Particulate juices, Ketchup and sauce, Mayonnaise, Spirits, Vegetable Oils and animal fats.


Important Features

  • Short time treatment due to the high coefficient of heat transfer by corrugation.
  • Homogeneous heat treatment, without distribution problems or preferential flows.
  • Low fouling rate.
  • Long running times and good results in CIP process.
  • Top security in aseptic process.
  • The same heat exchanger can be used to process different products.
  • Top quality in heat treatment because of velocity, short heating time, homogeneous distribution and possibility to work at high pressure.
  • Modular unit: its capacity can be increased at any moment.
  • Easy to disassemble and
  • Low maintenance costs (few spare parts, easy CIP, etc).
  • The short time residence of the product in the walls of the tube due to the increase of turbulence prevents the product from sticking and burning.