• In the world, milk products are the number one of basic food with markets growing throughout the world. Over recent years the original glass of milk has developed into strongly diverging segments including such diverse products as low-calorie drinks, mixed fruit drinks and “true functional”.

Regardless of the product features and additional benefits offered, an indispensable factor for the quality of the milk product is, and will continue to be, the high hygienic standard of heat treatment equipment. ITM provide a modular approach to process engineering for a wide range of milk products, including desserts, yoghurt or baby food.



Depending on product properties, selection of geometry is considered to be triple tube IT40 or multitube ITMb in configurations as flanged or clamped. We understand that aseptic equipment must not have the possibility to reinfection by design, and it is preferable to have the possibility of inspecting the sanitary side, in our case, the inner tubes. That is to say, all the tubes are easily inspectable.


UHT systems

Our exchangers and systems are designed according to the indirect heating principle. Their great benefit is providing a very high production safety. This process technology has proved successful for many years.

Our UHT systems and exchangers have optimized flow conditions which produce quality and high efficiency with a heat recovery up to 90 percent.

Shortest temperature difference is engineered to reduce fouling and increase running times as much as possible.


Important Features

  • Hygienic design: no place for micro-organism allocation because there are no areas where the flow is stagnant (cavities) or not flushed by the flowing product.
  • Low surface roughness: Ra < 0,80 microns or lower depending on surface finish (plug drawn, bright finish, electro polish, etc.)
  • The tube side can be completely drainable.
  • Construction with seamless or welded tubes in different stainless steels SS316L, 1.4404, 1.4435, SS316 and others.
  • Double steam barriers available when demountable versions and leak detectors.
  • Thermal degradation is avoided as products are heated in very fast and homogeneous way for the enhanced heat transfer in corrugated tubes.
  • Low volumes of the product are being processed at every moment as the exchangers in corrugated tube have smaller volume its equivalent in plain tube.
  • Modular design so it can be adapted to new production capacities modifying the number of heat exchangers modules, and compact.
  • Special design available for high pressures and temperatures
  • Easy to inspect by flanged or clamped tubesheet.