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ITM is a company engaged in the provision of services of DESIGN, MANUFACTURING, ASSEMBLY, MAINTENANCE AND TRADE ACTIVITIES OF HEAT EXCHANGERS, PREASSURE VESSELS AND FULL HEAT EXCHANGE SYSTEMS FOR THE FOOD, CHEMICAL AND PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY, seeks to provide products and services that meet the needs of its clients, fulfilling the requirements that have been previously specified, as well as the legal requirements and any other kind of requirements applicable, and always with the commitment to prevent pollution and continuous improvement promotion.

ITM Management is committed to being aware of the impact that this products and services may have on the Quality and Environment on its customers has set up its Quality and Environmental Management Policy.

Everyone in the ITM team, from the basis of professionalism and motivation for the work well done, is highly committed to the continuous improvement of our Quality and Environmental Management System and that is why we commit ourselves to:

  1. Our customers are the basis of this company and that is why we develop the Quality and Environment Management System, which is based on the following standards:

UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015. Quality Management Systems. Requirements (ISO 9001:2015).

UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015. Environmental Management Systems. Requirements with guidance for use. (ISO 14001:2015).

  1. To identify, integrate and achieve in every of its aspects the legal and regulatory requirements set up by the different local, regional, national and European public administrations, which are applicable to our activities, so that our performance, in any case, can comply them.
  2. To prevent environmental impacts that our activities may generate in order to protect our environment, since we are aware of the importance that it has and it will have in the future and more specifically in the protected natural environment in which we find ourselves.
  3. We set ourselves the goal that our products and services differ from our competitors thank to their quality, in the provision of the service and the commitment to respect the Environment. Therefore, we effectively control all our processes, emphasizing on the development of our services.
  4. ITM Management is committed to promote the diffusion and understanding of this Quality and Environmental Management Policy through continuous updated training and communication with every person in the organization and with every company and people working for or on behalf of ITM, emphasizing on the environmental requirement to our suppliers.
  5. ITM Management is committed to meet the needs and meeting the expectations of our groups of interest.
  6. The Management of ITM commits itself to make this Quality and Environmental Management Policy available to the public through our page and/or the quality boards located for this purpose in our facilities, as well as reviewing it at appropriate intervals in order to be an effective framework for our goals as a company.
  7. Likewise, ITM Management is committed to maximize the reduction of the environmental impact of our activity