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Heat exchangers are the basic Heat transfer equipment used in Chemical Process industries for wide range of applications.  ITM provides solutions for the most diverse applications, including the cooling and heating of base, intermediate, and final products; heat recovery; tempering of containers, reactors, and treatment vessels.



  • Cooling and heating of acids and caustic solutions
  • Cooling and heating at extreme temperatures and pressures
  • Cooling of highly-viscous products
  • Tempering and condensation of solvents
  • Cooling and heating of all kinds of pumpable chemical products
  • Cooling of water circuits
  • Condensation of exhaust vapors, steam and multiple-material mixtures
  • Evaporation systems for waste water and waste solutions

Our Heat Exchangers can be used with or without phase change like evaporators, chillers, condensers…


Evaporators are used to concentrate the solutions by vaporizing water from it. They are used in desalination processes and other chemical plants.


Chillers are used to cool the fluid to a temperature below the ambient temperature by vaporization of refrigerants like Ammonia, Propane, Ethylene etc. Chillers are used to cool the liquid stream or to condense the vapors which are normally sent through tube side. The refrigerant is vaporized in a shell side of a heat exchanger which is similar to a Kettle type reboiler. Shell side provides vapor disengaging space for the refrigerants.

Condenser – Cooler

Coolers are used for transferring heat from process stream to utility stream like water or air.

Condenser – After cooler

Shell and tube Heat exchangers are normally employed as after coolers in Compressors to cool the process gas. The aim is to remove the heat generated due to compression in order to remove condensable vapours or to reduce the gas volume for enabling storage or as per downstream process requirement for example absorber feed.

Condenser – Inter cooler

Similar to after coolers compressor intercoolers are used for removing compression heat to increase the volumetric efficiency of the compressors. Thus, it helps to avoid the compressor discharge temperature in next stage to go beyond the design limits.

Condenser – Compressor Recycle Cooler/ Surge Cooler

As discussed in Chemical Engineering Site already about Anti Surge Flow in compressors, it is necessary to remove the compression heat from the discharge stream before recycling it to the suction to maintain surge flow in centrifugal compressors. Shell and Tube Heat exchangers with Cooling water as a cooling medium is selected for this application.

Condenser – Liquid Coolers

Liquid coolers are normally product coolers used in Refinery and petrochemical applications. They cool the flammable and volatile liquids before sending them to storage tanks. Cooler outlet temperatures are to be carefully maintained as high temperature will lead to high vaporization and loss in storage tanks.