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Engineering excellence, allied to stringent quality control, ensures that ITM’s products comply with the highest international standards for hygiene. In the light of growing pressure worldwide to deliver safe and high quality food, all ITM products are designed for easy cleanability, whilst minimizing the use of valuable resources, such as energy.

Heat exchanger equipment is manufactured in strict accordance with developed procedures and process controls, consistently delivering world class products to customers globally, on competitive order lead times and prices.

ITM qualifies heat exchange equipment in line with PED requirements and works with the major approval authorities, following procedures on all new product introduction processes. Materials are evaluated, inspected and controlled, to ensure that high standards are not compromised.

ITM’s mechanical engineers are responsible for ensuring the mechanical integrity of a design, aided by computer design software, which provides optimum design solutions with associated manufacturing savings. Additionally we have a fully qualified welding engineer who advises on the suitability of materials, welding techniques and procedures.

Our process control offers best-in-class instrumentation for the widest range of applications. Customized equipment is made to meet all your requirements with a cross-user relation for configuration, parameter assignment, commissioning, diagnostics and maintenance of field devices and automation components.

Advantages include immediate documentation availability, proven design, quick shipments, and cost savings.